About Us

Direct Performance Data offers the largest universe of targeted marketing information solutions.

By integrating data from various credit reporting agencies, pre-screen marketing files with multiple demographic and public record sources, we are able to produce an “all inclusive”, single source solution for direct marketers.

Direct Performance Data’s management team is made up of industry leading professionals with over 80 years’ combined experience in automotive marketing and consumer finance. The team is able to leverage these unique capabilities to help develop targeted data strategies that deliver results for financial clients, Automotive Marketing Agencies and their Dealerships.

Data Products
In conjunction with it’s strategic lending partners, Direct Performance Data (DPD) has developed a platform to enable marketers to target, acquire and fund consumers seeking to purchase and finance a consumer product such as a automobile and other services.

Turn Key Marketing Programs
DPD provides acquisition and retention programs to a pre-qualified universe of consumers. Programs are measured using back-end response management tools.

Prescreen Expertise
Industry knowledge and experience in prescreen marketing programs will enable you to leverage the power of prescreen for your finance product direct marketing. Prescreen credit marketing data can help reach every consumer with a relevant offer who is qualified and in the market. No other data source and communication method delivers your message to this highly targeted and actionable consumer segment.