mag glassDirect Performance Data has deep relationships with the major credit reporting agencies.  These relationships allow for targeting consumers for Automotive and Consumer Finance offers using your choice of Credit Bureaus.  With the largest, most comprehensive population of up-to-date, accurate information available and a team of direct marketing experts on hand, Direct Performance Data is uniquely positioned to help the Automotive and Consumer Credit industry attract new customers.

Only prescreen credit marketing data can help reach every consumer with a relevant offer who is qualified and in the market. No other data source and communication method delivers your message to this highly targeted and actionable consumer segment.

Automotive Data
Our automotive database provides a unique combination of data from multiple sources, which allows our partners to target consumers for prequalified automobile financing offers. By seamlessly integrating credit, auto, demographic, and “probability of purchase” data, our automotive database offers a multi-dimensional view of each prospect. DPD will help you determine the most effective campaign with 40+ selects and ranges for your campaign goals. Targeting elements include:

APR Interest Rate, Lease and Loan Termination, Loan paid-through, Lease and Loan Monthly Payment Amount, Credit range move-up candidates, Recent inquiries (triggers), Targeted payment ranges, Bankruptcy discharge, Repossessions (suppress), 1st time buyers, and demographics.

Dealer Files
DPD can help you append and select off your own files such as dealership sales and service data to target consumers for prescreen retention programs.

All telemarketing, email and direct mail campaigns utilizing prescreen credit marketing lists have specific usage and disclaimer requirements and a firm offer of credit to be presented to the consumer. DPD has a compliance department to help you develop prescreen programs while following important FCRA, credit bureau, and lender compliance guidelines and procedures.