The Best Marketing Data

Leverage DPD’s powerful consumer data to learn more about your customers, drive new business, and deliver intelligent interactions across all channels.

DPD Consumer Database

DPD’s U.S. Consumer marketing database covers over 300 million individuals and 126 million households. With the freshest data compiled from hundreds of public and proprietary sources, DPD has thousands of powerful data points to help marketers reach their targeting goals, including demographics, purchasing habits, lifestyles, interests, and attitudes.

Consumer demographics (e.g. age, gender, marital status, children and income)
Life event triggers (e.g. new parents, new homeowners, and new movers)
Automotive data that provides insight into the vehicles consumers have in their garages and the likelihood of households to purchase a vehicle
Highly predictive financial segments, such as summarized credit statistics, based on a national consumer credit file aggregated at an area level
Purchase data that gives insight into past purchases and also predicts future buys across dozens of product categories
Consumer decision-making styles and preferred marketing communication channels

Attitudinal and behavioral data (e.g. interests, hobbies, and brand preferences)
Lifestyle segmentation data (19 overarching groups and 71 underlying types)
Business information on millions of U.S. firms including ownership data
Technology attributes which provide vivid detail into the use and adoption of devices and even social media platforms
Political personas that predict liberal to conservative and everything in between, even social attitudes and opinions