Marketing Services

Comprehensive strategies, services and solutions custom-fit to your business from start to finish.

Marketing Campaign Management

Powerful software to conceive, develop and execute integrated marketing efforts. DPD’s Marketing Campaign Manager helps you deliver the right marketing messages to the right people at the right time. Its configurable programs and workflows equip you to deliver a multi channel marketing campaign from concept to completion easily and efficiently.

Marketing Fulfillment and Delivery

DPD’s powerful fulfillment and delivery platform enables marketers to deliver cross-channel, integrated marketing campaigns. Our technology infrastructure and architecture provides the critical foundation needed to power millions of dynamic, personalized communications each month for some of the world’s leading organizations. With DPD, you can be confident your mission-critical messages will always reach your customers. DPD delivers automation of the execution, fulfillment, and delivery processes required to support traditional, digital, and social marketing campaigns. In addition, DPD offers a flexible fulfillment and delivery system allowing you to choose the fulfillment path that’s right for your organization.

Marketing Performance Insight

DPD’s Marketing Performance Management lets you easily track every important performance metric of your marketing efforts, optimize campaigns, and provide executive-level visibility into critical marketing metrics. With everything from campaign reporting and analytics to dashboards and closed-loop reporting, DPD’s powerful marketing performance reporting tools help you ensure maximum marketing program effectiveness and revenue impact.


Having deep insight into customer and prospect behaviors, characteristics and spending patterns is a great way to pursue untapped new business opportunities.

DPD Marketing Analytics offers the ability to fine-tune targeting strategies and seek model customers using our industry leading database.

Your marketing campaigns will have deeper insights, and your tactics, channels and strategies will yield maximum returns. We combine your data with our data to open a world of possibilities:

  • Receive in-depth profiles of current customers — Combine DPD’s business marketing and credit data with your internal customer data to identify your customers’ key characteristics
  • Better understand your customers — Build propensity-to-buy models using firmographic and trade credit attributes, fully customized based on your current customers and prior marketing campaigns
  • Reach look-alike customers — Apply customer profiles and propensity model criteria to DPD’s Database to reach more potential customers
  • Locate prospects — Identify your target prospects geographically via heat maps and provide details on the top locations for new customers
  • Improve upsell and cross-sell results — Strengthen targeting and marketing strategies within your customer portfolio and identify and focus on those key accounts to ensure existing customers purchase all appropriate products