Do What Is Right

That is the mandate for all DPD associates and drives DPD’s data governance and compliance guidelines. DPD data governance and stewardship ensures data is protected through appropriate security controls and that data use follows all relevant rules and regulations.

Our proven processes set a high bar for responsible data-driven marketing. DPD’s data governance provides automated controls over data access, security, and compliance. In addition, DPD’s processes are flexible enough to address the ongoing changes in technology, markets, consumers, and new business practices. DPD’s Data Operating Committee develops, updates, and enforces our data governance and compliance guidelines as part of our trust with marketers, data providers, regulators, and consumers.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is United States federal legislation that promotes accuracy, fairness, and privacy for data used by consumer reporting agencies. Consumer reporting agencies include credit bureaus and financial agencies that collect, store, use, and disseminate consumer information for use in background checks.

The FCRA is the primary federal law that governs the collection and reporting of credit information about consumers. Its rules cover how a consumer's credit information is obtained, how long it is kept, and how it is shared with others—including consumers themselves.